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Phoenix is a next-generation wallet application for the Signum blockchain platform.

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Secure Transactions

Transactions are signed locally, your passphrase is never sent over the wire.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Securely manage multiple accounts, and watch accounts for added security.

Multi-language Support

Blockchain is global and so is Phoenix. The wallet supports 28 languages.

View Balance History

View your balance history over time, in different currencies.


Take Phoenix with you anywhere: mobile, desktop, and web.

Phoenix is Unstoppable

Send Signa to .crypto/.zil domains using Phoenix

One-click Installation

You do not need to be an expert to install the wallet. Just download and install with one click. No further configuration is necessary. It is so easy to install the best Signum wallet

Simplest Account Creation

Using the account creation wizard, it is very easy to create an account with a secure passphrase. The integrated account activation further simplifies the creation process. Of course, existing accounts can be imported at least as easily.

Automatic Secure Updates

In case of a new available version you will be notified automatically. The built-in update mechanism allows you to comfortably download the latest version from a verified source.

Rapid Customer Support

Signum Network developers are friendly and available on GitHub, Discord, and Telegram.

Cross Platform Wallet

By the community, for the community

Developed by community members, Phoenix is free and open source.






Pull Requests



Watch your accounts

Securely watch all Signum accounts

  • Watch accounts using pass phrase or simple address for added security
  • Private keys are encrypted using AES-256 encryption and a hashed PIN
  • Transactions are signed locally, so private keys are never sent over the wire
  • Biometric support: Login using your fingerprint or facial recognition
Mobile Wallet
Wallet Messaging
Modern Features

Best-in-class user experience

  • Encrypted & plaintext messaging
  • View Signum account balances over time, in different currencies
  • Receive push notifications whenever Signa are sent or received to an account
  • Easily import and send to accounts using Unstoppable Domains .zil/.crypto addresses

The rock solid foundation of the Phoenix Wallet

  • A state of the art programming library for Signum Network
  • Written in Typescript for best developer experience
  • Applicable for all web and NodeJS applications
  • Quality Assurance through automated testing and code analysis
  • Well documented
  • Free, open and under permissive Apache 2.0 License

Phoenix is the best way to Signum

Phoenix is a modern crypto asset wallet for the Signum network that combines security with ease of use, made with love by the Signum Network Community.

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